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Book a lecture about gold and diamonds.

Do you dream about an evening of gold and diamonds?
Behind Nyfortuna is proprietor Dennis Lindberg & Director Mia Hinrichs, known from the TV programs Pantånåneren shown on TV2 in 2016. Together with a talented team of goldsmiths and valuation experts, we put together the very right lecture for you.

With many years of experience, from one of the most closed and secretive industries, we come to you and embrace you in a universe filled with tradition, fascination and values in quantities that you only know from Aladdin’s cave.

We dive into exactly the area that is most interesting and provide an exciting and informative event, with the opportunity to show-and-tell and answer questions tailored to both small and large gatherings.

For information and inquiries, contact info@nyfortuna.dk mrk. inquiry lectures in the subject field.

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